What?! A tuned Lexus LS?!

By Teddy Field

Well here it is everybody, the AMG Black version of Lexus’ flagship doctor-mobile. And yes, that makes about as much sense as putting sidepipes on a Grand Piano.

Lexus LS

Toyota Motorsports Gmbh, Toyota’s in-house racing department, has taken the snore-tastic Lexus LS460, and turned it into a fire breathing monster. Called the TMG Sport 650, it has a 641-hp (650-PS…hence the name) bi-turbo 5.0 liter V8, backed by a much enhanced 8-speed automatic transmission. This wild looking super sedan hasn’t been officially launched yet, but a company Facebook post said “Its aerodynamics were developed in TMG’s wind tunnels and significant development has been dedicated to handling”. We’ll provide all the nerdy details once the car makes its official debut at Germany’s Essen Motor Show in December.

Lexus LS Engine

In other news, Barney the Purple Dinosaur has reportedly gone on a killing spree…