VW opens Porsche wing at Autostadt

Porsche and Volkswagen have a long history together. Ferdinand Porsche designed the first Volkswagen in 1934, and he ran the company while Hitler was busy stomping around Europe. The Allies ousted Porsche after the war, so he began building his own cars in 1948.


Several years ago, Porsche’s grandson Ferdinand Piech, who also happened to be the boss at Porsche, attempted to assume control of Volkswagen via a hostile takeover. The plan failed, and now Volkswagen owns Porsche. The union is still being sorted out, but VW just announced that Porsche now has its own wing at the company’s museum in Wolfsburg.

Called Autostadt, the museum is located adjacent to the VW plant, and has sprawling displays of all the various Volkswagen brands. The new 4,500 sq-ft Porsche wing features a matte finished roof that was designed to look like the roof of a Porsche 911. It will house 25 historically important Porsche models, including an uber-rare 1948 Porsche 356, and 1:3 scale models of other iconic Porsches. Visitor’s children will also be able to take a Child’s Driving License test in a small electric Porsche.


While the new Porsche Wing at Autostadt looks really cool, Porschephiles will no doubt prefer the recently renovated 53,000 square-foot Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. But either way, if you’re planning a trip to Germany in the near future, you’ll have two excellent places to go drool at historic Porches.