Wow: A tuned Volvo V40!!!

Volvo V40 Heico Sportiv -Front
Written by Teddy Field

Volvos are more about obsessive safety features, and protecting pedestrians, than flying down the cul-de-sac at breakneck speeds. If you want to do anything ‘fun’ behind the wheel, you buy a BMW 3-Series, or an Audi A4…not a Volvo V40. But the German tuner Heico Sportiv seems to think that fun-loving Swedes and college professors actually exist. So they created a tuned version of the 2012 Volvo V40…my heart be still!

Volvo V40 Heico Sportiv -Front

Based on Volvo’s “Secretary Special”, the Heico Sportiv V40 gets a revised ECU program which bumps the turbo-5’s power from a sensible 237-hp, all the way up to an incredible, staggering, mind-bending 266-hp! That’s a whole 29 more horsepower! And you get a set of racy alloy wheels, a bodykit, and quad exhaust tips too!

Buy this thing, and you’ll be the talk of the secretarial pool for sure!