Tesla Model X Introduced at NAIAS

By Staff Contributor.

The new Tesla Model X will be Tesla’s third car. Think of it as an AWD 7 passenger Crossover that also happens to be an electric car. The SUV is equipped with four unique falcon wing doors that open vertically like the mercedes-benz gullwing. While earning serious style points, the falcon wing doors are functional first, they open up and out of the way, in even the narrowest of parking spots. You easily step, not climb, into Model X.

Model X doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. You can finally live a big-car lifestyle without living at the pump. And, by replacing your big gas-guzzler with a Tesla, you’re playing a significant role in reducing emissions.

It is built on the same platform as the Model S, it has approximately the same external dimensions of a large crossover with ample space for carrying up-to seven adults and their luggage. Like previous models, Tesla implemented its signature 17-inch in-dash touch screen display for access to driver controls, web connection, vehicle apps, and onboard charging. With a center of gravity lower than any other SUV, you’ll notice nimble reflexes at every turn.

2014 Tesla Model X

Model X is designed from the ground up to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan. It is an automobile above category, built around the driver—and six of her friends. It artfully provides unfettered performance and brilliant functionality.

Tesla Model X

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model X is offered with optional Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The second motor enables more than all-weather, all-road capabilities: it increases torque by 50%. Accelerating from 0-62 mph in just 4.4 seconds with a 85 kWh battery the ‘model X’ also integrates a dual motor AWD for all-weather driving. Outperforming the fastest SUVs and many sports cars. The electric powertrain delivers instant torque for confident lane changes, even when loaded with seven adults and all their gear, every Tesla Model X is a family vehicle with performance roots.

Tesla Wing Doors

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