Really? Smart releases new ForTwo Shampoo Edition

The Smart ForTwo hasn’t been ‘cool’ in years. In fact, it’s never been cool, just small, and maybe trendy. But that hasn’t stopped Daimler-Benz from making these diminutive butt-haulers. And now there’s a new special edition Smart ForTwo, that proves just how out-of-touch Smart executives really are.

Shampoo Edition

Called the Smart ForTwo Iceshine, it comes in Smurf Azure blue, with white trim, and equally white wheels. Special equipment includes LED running lights, “Leather Effect” (see: Vinyl) seats, and a unique steering wheel.

What makes the Smart ForTwo Iceshine so silly is the name; ‘Iceshine’. A simple Google search would’ve told the ‘Smart’ product planners that Iceshine is also the name of a Pantene shampoo. But since hairdressers and teenage girls are the only people likely to buy a special edition Smart ForTwo, the name might actually work in its favor. Maybe they’ll call the next one the Smart ForTwo Irish Spring.