Nissan creates idiot-proof tire filling system

Modern cars have countless safety systems which are designed to protect you in the event of an accident (although these systems sometimes bring more than good). But the one thing that most of us forget is, your tires are literally the only thing keeping you on the road in the first place. So if the air pressure inside your tire isn’t correct, you may get to test the effectiveness of those 19 airbags.

Nissan Easy-Fill Tire System

To prevent us from endangering ourselves…by not learning how to use a tire gauge…tire pressure monitoring systems were mandated for all cars sold here after 2008. They use wireless sensors mounted inside the wheel, to measure the air pressure inside each tire. Good idea, however most modern drivers don’t have a clue how to read a tire gauge. So many tires don’t get filled with the proper amount of pressure. But Nissan has just taken the guesswork out of airing up your tire, thanks to their new ‘Easy Fill Tire Alert’.

Nissan Easy-Fill Screen

Using sensors on the wheel, the system shows you which tire needs air, on the dash info display. When you start filling the tire with air, the emergency flashers come on until the correct air pressure is reached. At that point, the horn chirps, letting you know the tire is filled. If you happen to put too much air in, the hazards will blink faster, and the horn will chirp three times. Once you’ve let out enough air, the horn will chirp one time to let you know the correct air pressure has been reached.

This is the first ‘Nanny Feature’ that actually makes sense, and it’s now standard equipment on all 2013 Nissan models.