Really?: Gemballa creates real diamond car paint

Gemballa Diamond Finish

Some people have more money, than taste. Particularly in the oil-rich emirates of Abu-Dhabi and Dubai, where it’s not uncommon to see a 24k gold plated BMW 7-Series, or a platinum plated Lamborghini Murcielago pulling up to the Al Wahda Mall valet stand. And Americans like Justin Bieber have gotten in on this unabashed display of wealth & bad taste, with his mirror finished Fisker Karma.

But if precious metals are just too pedestrian for you, the legendary Porsche tuner Gemballa has developed a more…sophisticated way for you to waste your money. Diamonds, yes, diamonds, can now be applied in paint form to your Rolls, or Veyron.

What they’ve done is figure out a way to ground down actual diamonds to a small enough size, so they can be applied as a paint-like coating. Since diamonds reflect light from their many facets, having thousands of precious gems on say, your hood, should create a stunning effect. Unless of course, you diamond coat your Range Rover Limo, and drive across the desert to check on one of your oil wells. In which case, a few…Satellites might get damaged.