Fiat halts sales to Iran!

Fiat Company Logo

For the last few years, Iran has been testing the boundaries of international laws, by conducting unauthorized nuclear research. This has prompted numerous international sanctions against the Middle-Eastern country. As a result, carmakers are starting to pull out of the country. The companies that have already stopped exporting vehicles to Iran are; Hyundai, Porsche, and PSA Peugeot / Citroen. And now, Fiat has decided to join them.

In a statement released on friday, Fiat said “Fiat supports the international efforts for a diplomatic solution of the issues relating to the relations with Iran. In this respect, Fiat announces that effective immediately its subsidiaries will no longer carry out business activity related to products or components where the ultimate destination of such products is known to be Iran, other than to the limited extent required to fulfill already existing binding obligations.”

Among those Fiat subsidiaries is Inveco trucks, which the Ahmadinejad regime has publicly used to tote ballistic missiles around. We assume they’ll now be switching to Volvo trucks.