Drool: BMW’s latest concept car

BMW Drool Car Concept -Front

Back in 1954, BMW bought the rights to build their famous Isetta Bubble Car from Renzo Rivolta, the founder of Italian car maker ISO. Fast forward half a century, and the Rivolta family has once again teamed with BMW. This time, Marella Rivolta is married to Andrea Zagato, the Art Director of Zagato, and the chief designer of BMW’s latest LustMobile; the one-off BMW Zagato Coupe.

BMW Drool Car Concept -Back

Unveiled at the recent Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este held in Lake Como, Italy. The BMW Zagato Coupe is a road-legal concept car, colored in Rosso Vivace – “an expressive shade of red”. The car’s dramatic character lines are accentuated by a ‘double-bubble’ roof, and aggressive 19-inch wheels that “have a hint of propeller about them”.

BMW Drool Car Concept -Interior

The interior has a modern coupe-ish look, and appears to be production ready. BMW won’t say what type of engine lives under that rakish hood, or even what chassis this design study is based on. But Captain Obvious says there’s a BMW Z4 under that sexy Italian body.

BMW won’t say if they plan to build the Zagato Coupe. But you can bet that if the money at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza (see: Car Show for Millionaires) show enough interest, BMW might screw a few together. After all, the BMW Zagato Coupe has passed all of the safety/emissions standards necessary for road legal status. And, “the new creation has already cut a “bella figura” at high speeds during testing on the BMW test track”, so who knows.