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Imagination is awesome. If you think back, you probably made an authentic Old West fort, or a clubhouse that would rival the best private club in London. All with some boxes, and some imagination. But as we grow older, our imagination gets used less frequently. Only being summoned to envision new kitchen cabinets, or an ocean-front room in some faraway land.

Some people however, use their imagination to create all sorts of silly stuff. Like the Oprah Winfrey Network, and those flip-flops that you can bust your ass mop the floor with. And some people simply express themselves through their creativity, like in our two examples below…

Real-life Lego bridge!

The famous German street artist Megx took a drab, disused railroad bridge in Wuppertal Germany, and transformed it into, well, look at it (we should probably turn this guy loose on Detroit, and Washington DC, and New Jersey)…

Lego Bridge built by German street artist Megx
Real Life Lego Bridge

Up on Blocks

Okay, we’re not sure what the hell is going on here. These appear to be running, functioning cars. And those young Saudis appear to be, well, putting them up on blocks. From what we know, the youths are attending some sort of “summer camp” in the tourist town al-Habla.

We should ship these kids to Alabama ASAP. They’d have a field day!

Saudi Youths Mount Cars On Bricks