Car companies pitch in to help New York

By Teddy Field

America is fantastic for many reasons. And when there’s a major crisis, we all pitch in to help. Case in point; All of the volunteers heading to New York to help victims of hurricane Sandy. Utility workers from 49 of the 50 states have converged on the Northeastern United States, to help turn on the power for the millions still living without electricity.

General Motors Logo

General Motors, Ford, Fisker, Nissan and Toyota have also stepped up to help the victims of last week’s ‘FrankenStorm’. Working with the American Red Cross, employees of Ford Motor Company have donated $50,000 toward relief efforts. GM donated $250,000 and Toyota has pledged another $1 million to fund the Red Cross’ disaster response.

Besides money, several car companies are providing more direct aide. LuxEV maker Fisker, has provided its 3.2 million sq-ft facility in Wilmington Delaware, to be used as a staging area for power and rescue crews. GM is providing 50 vehicles for relief crews, and each of the donated Traverses, Tahoes, and Express vans will be equipped with OnStar hands-free calling and navigation.


Nissan is offering victims reduced prices and financing until January 2nd. This move is designed to help people replace cars that were damaged during the storm. Nissan is also offering owners in the affected areas, no-fee payment extensions for the next 3-months.

Ford is offering a similar program, where current owners will be allowed to skip a couple of payments, without penalties. And victims can also get a $500 price reduction on new Ford vehicles.