Really? Aston Martin builds DB9 for FB fans


In a recent marketing schtick, Aston Martin promised to build a car in celebration of reaching 1 Million fans on Facebook. The hook was, fans would get to choose the model, options, colors, the whole 9. And then they actually built it!

Unveiled recently at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon England,.the unique 2012 Aston Martin DB9 ‘1M’ proves that democracy does have some flaws. In a series of super-accurate FB polls, Aston asked their fans to decide what car they wanted, and what it should look like. The supremely wise MyFace audience chose to color a 2012 DB9 with a smurf-colored crayon. Then they festooned it with this, ghastly, ‘aero wrap’, which makes the otherwise elegant DB9 look like an AT&T logo, gone horribly wrong.

Next, Aston’s fans (who are apparently color-blind 6th graders from Dubai) chose 20-inch multispoke wheels in silver, backed with black brake calipers (what, Hot Pink wasn’t available?). Then, the poor car got a bright white grille frame, bright white side louver frame, a Spicy Red / Obsidian Black leather interior, and a special dash plaque proclaiming it to be the DB9 1M.

And to top it all off, Aston put the words “True Passion Should Be Shared”, along with their Facebook url on the hood. But maybe ‘passion’ like this should only be shared…with one’s therapist?

Aston Martin failed to say what they plan to do with this, monument to mob-rule. But we hear that AT&T might be interested…