American Suzuki files Bankruptcy

By Teddy Field
Suzuki Kizashi

To answer your first question, yes, Suzuki still sells…excuse me, sold cars. They offered the midsize Suzuki Kizashi (which was actually a pretty good car), the compact SX4, the Grand Vitara SUV, and a rebadged Nissan Frontier called the Suzuki Equator (brilliant name, which evoked images of traveling the South American Death Road, chewing on coca leaves to combat altitude sickness).

Suzuki does make decent little vehicles, in the classic Japanese way. Lots of toughness, lots of plastic, cheap price. But that alone couldn’t fix Suzuki’s complete apathy toward the American market.

For years, company brass made it ridiculously difficult for its dealers to get cars, advertising was almost non-existent, employees were routinely laid off, and those that stayed had to fight with Suzuki to get anything done. Bonuses and pay raises were suspended in 2008.

2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

American Suzuki Motor Corp. is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and will suspend vehicle sales to America, effective immediately. Current owners will have their warranties honored by existing dealers, and parts will remain available from Japan. Suzuki motorcycle, marine, and ATV sales will continue.