2013 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake not coming to US

The Mercedes CLS is responsible for creating the so-called ‘4-door Coupe’ segment. Yes, I know that makes about as much sense as calling it a ‘round square’. But at the time, the luxury car world needed some fresh thinking. And Mercedes provided it, in the form of a sexy sedan, that had the lines of a coupe. To this day, the original Mercedes CLS remains one of the prettiest sedans MB has ever made.

The new generation Mercedes CLS is a bit (see: Ridiculously) busier looking, but it still looks uber-cool. Take the dramatic styling one step further, and you get a swoopy wagon with all the visual drama of Lady Gaga music video. There’s even a hand-laid cherry veneer floor, and an (optional) slab of matte-finish tree across the dash.

In terms of transporting picnic baskets, and overnight bags to your yacht, or country villa, the 2013 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake rocks. The interior is a feast for the eyes, and the 54.7 cubic feet is actually a practical amount of space. But sadly, we won’t get to haul our Vuitton bags atop the Shooting Brake’s polished American Cherry wood floor. Mercedes has decreed that their suave new Estate Car will only be available to European customers. And that’s not fair, because they’re using Our cherry trees to make the floor!!