Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips

Reducing the consumption of energy and the toxic fumes released into the environment is the goal of green living. Walking, riding a bicycle and taking public transportation helps to reduce the impact that driving has on the environment. However, there are situations where alternatives to driving are impossible. For those people who must drive, here are a few eco driving tips that will reduce the car’s environmental effects and even save money.

Car Tips
Buy a Fuel-Efficient Car

While comfort and price are important criteria when looking for a new car, fuel efficiency is also important. Look for fuel-efficient car models. Also, consider a hybrid or electric car. These types of cars produce lower levels of greenhouse gases. Hybrid vehicles emit half the amount of greenhouse gases as gas-powered cars.

Make Changes to the Daily Commute

Altering a few things about the daily commute is another eco driving tip. Carpooling to work or school decreases the amount of greenhouse emissions. If possible, avoid driving in high-traffic areas. The constant idling and driving uses a lot of gas. Cars with large engines use more gas while idling than cars with smaller engines.

Drive the Speed Limit

Driving fast causes the car to burn more fuel. The gas mileage of a car decreases as soon as it reaches speeds of over 50 mph. Slowing down by 10 mph can increase the miles per gallon by as much as 15 percent. Not only does decreasing the speed help reduce fuel consumption, but is a green driving tip that saves money at the pump.

Remove Unnecessary Weight from the Car

If there is anything in the car that does not need to be there, remove it. Having an excessive amount of weight in the car diminishes its miles per gallon. The efficiency of smaller cars is more affected than large ones. Having 100 pounds of excess weight in a car decreases its fuel efficiency by two percent.

Combine Errands

Instead of making multiple outings during the day, try to run all errands at the same time. Combining errands should be done when the distances traveled are short. Taking multiple trips that do not allow the engine to warm up to its most efficient rate uses almost twice the fuel. Combining errands will save money and time.

Limiting pollution and waste into the environment is important to the health of the earth and everyone who lives on it. Avoiding cars is the best way to help the environment. But from a realistic standpoint, not everyone is able to do so. Following these green driving tips will limit the effects of driving on the environment.