Compare SUVs

Purchasing a new SUV is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You want to get a great value for your dollar. This is especially true with the economy being as tight as it is. Therefore, you should find out about as many different models as possible. Here are some tips how to compare SUVs properly.

Car Tips

Find A Good Comparison Site

Find a site that will allow you to compare cars and compare SUVs side-by-side. This way, you can see what you get from an SUV compared with a car, minivan or sports car. These sites are great first stops in your car shopping adventure. You can even get your current car appraised.

What To Look For When You Compare SUVs

  • Gas Mileage: Most SUV’s average around 20 miles per gallon with fuel-efficient versions getting 29 miles per gallon on the highway.
  • Cost Of Ownership (Reliability): Will you have to bring the car to the shop often? If so, that could inflate the purchase price.
  • Horsepower: Models that have higher horsepower tend to lag in the gas mileage department. The average SUV gets around 300 horsepower.
  • Number Of Passengers: If you just have yourself to haul around, you could potential get away with an SUV that has room for five or fewer people. Otherwise, find a SUV that can fit seven or more.
  • Cargo Space: Those who go surfing or to soccer practice may desire more cargo space in their vehicle.
  • You want to consider all of these factors because a car that fits the needs of one person may not fit the needs of another. Someone who is looking to save money on gas may want an SUV that gets better gas mileage. Someone who wants to haul a lot of gear needs space for his extra cargo.

    Take A Test Drive

    You will never know what SUV is best for you until you take a test drive. Driving an SUV can be different than driving other types of vehicles. A sports car does not handle the same way that a SUV does. You certainly would never take minivans off the main highway. It could be a good idea to drive your friend’s SUV to get a good feel of what you are getting yourself into before taking a test drive at the dealership.

    Purchasing an SUV is much like purchasing any other car. You figure out what you need, find a car that fits your budget and go for a test drive. If you still like what you see after driving it, you can sign the paperwork right away.