Dodge Dart vs. Ford Focus

Now Philistine Ford had gathered its army for war, atop a mountain in Judea, Michigan.
Sergio, and the army of Dodge were encamped atop an opposite mountain, their cars lined upto fight. A vast car market lay between the two armies, and both sides knew that it would soon get bloody. And there went out a champion, from the camp of Philistine Ford, named Focus, from the
land of Goliath. He was 14 feet in length, and he possessed dual-clutches in his transmission.

Focus stood and cried aloud to the army of Dodge, “Why art thou set for battle against the mighty army of Ford? Choose ye a compact car to fight me!”. If he is able to defeat me, then thou wilt own the domestic compact market. If I win, thou shalt be our slaves. I defy the armies of Dodge! Send out a compact car to fight me!

Meanwhile, in a valley tending his father’s sheep… Dodge Dart vs. Ford Focus.. Let’s compare!

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

Several years ago, King Sergio Marchionne of Fiat acquired the Land of Chrysler from the
Obama tribe. It was a desolate place, filled with dreary rental cars, spawned from years of
neglect. Nobody thought that the Canadian Marchionne could rebuild Chrysler, even with the
might of his Italian army. But he somehow succeeded. And the first official offspring of the Fiat/
Chrysler merger has finally debuted.

Based on the uber-cool Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the 2013 Dodge Dart adds a few inches of length
and width to the nimble Italian chassis. As a result, large American customers are able to enjoy
a roomy interior, festooned with classic American touches like couch-comfortable seating, and
a wild-looking LED lightstrip surounding the dashboard. Because nothing says “Proud to be an
American” like bright red LED lighting.

Besides the subtly aggressive styling, and massive Dodge LED tail light surround, the 2013
Dodge Dart is every bit a resident of suburbia. There’s ample room for 5, soft-touch-points
everywhere, and the liberal use of a new material called Vinyl. While its use was banned during
the reign of King Iacocca, vinyl provides a warm-fuzzy feeling, without being expensive. King
Sergio wisely decreed that the material be used in his new car, and Dodge is the first car
company in decades to openly admit its use.

Encased in the Diplomat-plush dash are two of the 2013 Dodge Dart´s signature features: A
7-inch programmable TFR gauge display, and an (available) 8.4 inch Uconnect infotainment
display. With a few button-presses, you can view your travel time, vehicle system information
including individual tire pressure, and lighting status. Plus your instant miles-per-gallon can be
displayed in this odd orange/red eco-flower display. With it’s Playstation-quality gauge display, this cheap Dodge blows Ford straight out of the water.

On the road, the 2013 Dodge Dart exemplifies its Italian heritage. There’s plenty of suspension
response, without the ride encroaching on passengers. Granted, the electric power steering isn’t
as sharp as the hydraulic steering system found in the 2013 Mazda 3, but the 2013 Dodge Dart
never feels outmatched by the road. The Dodge Neon should’ve been so lucky.

Power comes from either the turbocharged 1.4 liter MultiAir engine found in the 2013 Fiat 500,
or a 160-hp non-turbo 2.0 4-cyl. While the MultiAir engine makes an identical 160-hp, it wins
with a turbo-fed 184 ft-lb of torque (vs. 148 with the non-turbo motor). However, you’ve got to
rev the hell out of it, if you want to overcome the massive turbo-lag. A 184-hp 2013 Dodge Dart
R/T will be available later in the year.

For a small, cheap American car, the 2013 Dodge Dart simply rocks. Little David Dart might
have a chance afterall…

2013 Ford Focus

2013 Ford Focus ST

Focus of Goliath had a helmet of great engineering upon his head. His loins were girt with
high-strength steel, and his breast-plate was covered with 6 airbags and automatic EMS crash
notification. Truly, the 2013 Ford Focus was mightier than any in King Sergio’s Dodge army.

The 2013 Ford Focus is a compact international superstar. It has immediate handling, and
a level of soft-touch comfort that only Ford can offer. On the road, you might mistake the
2013 Ford Focus for a motorized skateboard. The steering is direct and nicely weighted.
The suspension provides plenty of grip, without being uncomfortable. And the 160-hp 2.0
liter motor puts out an adequate amount of power, but some of it can get lost in the 6-speed
DSG transmission. 252-hp can be had from the turbocharged hooligan 2013 Ford Focus ST. However, we’ll save that mechanical-marvel for a separate review.

The 2013 Ford Focus is available in several flavors; 4-door & 5-door hatch are where it starts,
then you can go Cheap & Cheerful with the 2013 Ford Focus SE (auto headlights, voice-
activated radio). Going green is easy with the 40 mpg 2013 Ford Focus SE SFE (Super Fuel
Economy – clever name eh?). But if that’s not tulip-friendly enough for you, there’s the uber-
Green 2013 Ford Focus Electric. This volt-powered buggy gets a unique Aston Martin style front
facia, an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery pack, and a class-leading 76-mile range. It’ll also
take on a full charge in just 4-hours (using 240v) or, half the charge time of a 2013 Nissan Leaf.

The McLuxury Combo features the 2013 Ford Focus Titanium, loaded down with tasty goodies
like leather, ambient lighting, special trim/wheels, keyless ignition, and a backup camera. Your
choice of sides include; navigation, sunroof, and a low-fat self parking system.

Having become all things to all men, it’s easy to see why the 2013 Ford Focus is the Goliath of
the American compact car market…