2013 Smart for Two vs 2013 Fiat 500

By Staff Contributor.

Do you want to feel Smart or Fiat Feisty now that is the question?

With the Fiat you do get a back seat even though it is small your dogs will love it however with the Smart you could possibly squeeze into a smaller parking spot, but without Spot.

You can call them both cute, but cute and feisty win every time! Fiat 500 starting at $16,000 in the POP model and the Smart Passion Coupe starting at just about $15,000 without the upgrade packages that you would really need to get will take you up over $17,000. So there really isn’t a big pricing difference it more about what you want to slide into to get around town.

2013 Fiat 500 Pop

Upgraded packages on the 2013 Smart for Two include: comfort, style, cruise and the technology with navigation we didn’t really see a need to add the cruise control package as this little car is so fund to drive with the shift paddles. Got to get these the paddles make is oh so much more fun to drive and actually makes you think you are speedy shooting all over town.

2013 Smart Fortwo

As for the Fiat well they didn’t deliver it to me with Charlie Sheen in the passenger seat so I had to improvise and well feisty faking isn’t so bad because this is such a great zippy ride that we drove all over Los Angeles crappy highways with potholes and traffic it was a fun ride. The backseat isn’t for 7’ people and if you are tall you’re going to need to put the drivers seat all the way back which would not make it easy for a back passengers leg room, but the furry ones loved it!

Trunk space again the 500 wins but we did test out the fold flat front passenger seat in the Smart and were pretty pleased that it allowed us to transport very large cargo, so as long as you didn’t have a passenger you could spend a whole day at the mall buying tons of work out clothes to go with the electric bike attached to the rear of your Smart forTwo. You need to look great riding that down Santa Monica Pier.

2013 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe

Of course we like to accessorize and both the Smart and the Fiat have plenty of options to choose from like; topless, shinny rims, navigation system so you don’t get lost, cargo covers so no one can see what you just bought, heated seats for toasty buns, fog lamps just because they look good, but what really rocked our boat is the Mopar parts and accessories that you can get to fully customize or as we call it “bling it out baby” to make it your own signature Fiat and become a fancy “Moparian” club member.

So there you have it the 2013 Fiat 500 has more bling-bling, bigger back seat for Spot, but then you could get a cool bike with your Smart Coupe and squeeze into your skinny jeans or a smaller parking spot. I’m picking the BLING!

(Note: All vehicles provided by manufacturers for comparison test purposes. Photos provided by Smart and Fiat.)