Tips on Car Negotiation

How to negotiate a car price?

Car negotiation can be extremely stressful to the extent that many people avoid buying cars from dealers to avoid the inevitable discussion of prices and financing. There are a few car negotiation tips that will help you consider effective ways of dealing with salespeople on the car lot.

Car Tips

• One of the most important things to remember about car negotiation is that you do not let your guard down, no matter how friendly the salesperson is acting. This is just a sales tactic. The salesperson is there to make money just as much as you are looking to save money. Do not get soft because the dealer compliments you, greets you or pretends to be your buddy.

• Determine how you are going to pay for the car before you ever step foot onto a car lot. Do not let the salesperson talk you into financing you do not want or need. The easiest way to avoid this pressure as you negotiate cars is to secure financing elsewhere.

• Settle for very few extras and consider what you really need. It is possible you do not need the extended warranty, window tinting, car alarm and radio. Part of pricing negotiation is to settle for finding these things cheaper elsewhere.

• Choose a price and stick with it. Show the dealer that you mean business by refusing to go a penny over your limit. If you tell the salesperson your limit is $14,000, he or she is likely to take you to a car worth $14,500. Make it clear you will not budge.

• Do not begin a negotiation without proper preparation. When you go to the lot to negotiate cars, arrive with a full stomach, bottle of water and a business casual outfit. Send the message that you are serious. It is best to be in good health so that you are not rushing to escape, which often leads to poor decisions.

• Do not believe everything a salesperson says. Dealers will tell you that they cannot lower prices because cars are flying off the lot. This is simply not true; just look around the lot and see for yourself. Do not get angry and always be willing to walk off the lot empty handed if that is what the pricing negotiation comes to.

Finally, remember that you are in control. This is one of the most important car negotiation tips. You choose to spend your money as you see fit, and a salesperson is not going to talk you into doing something you do not want to do. The buyer has the power.