Should I buy an Electric/Hybrid Car?

Electric and hybrid cars pros and cons

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Electric cars use the electrical energy stored in batteries or other energy storage devices to run. A hybrid car uses at least two sources of power (such as an internal combustion engine and an electric motor ) in order to travel. Both cars are more compact and efficient.

Though the initial cost is somewhat expensive, both of these types of vehicles are better for the environment and easier on the wallet in the long run.

The best things about electric vehicles are the engines they use. Because the engine does not use gas it costs less to run, which saves drivers a lot of money over time. The car also has no tailpipe. This means there are no exhaust fumes and therefore no harm to the environment.

Going green with electric cars doesn’t mean that they won’t have amenities. It has a built in navigation system. It has a heating and cooling system that is more efficient than the systems in gas driven cars. It runs similar to an automatic and uses push buttons for things like starting the car. The engine in electric vehicles uses a lithium based battery. These batteries are usually chosen because of their high performance power. Car companies are currently working on improving the batteries for even longer lasting performance.

Although hybrid cars use two power sources in order to run, they have smaller and more economic engines. The car has something called regenerative breaking. This means that when the car begins to slow down, the electric motor begins to charge up the batteries.

Another way the hybrid saves energy to the batteries is to periodically shut the engine off. Of course it doesn’t do this until the car is stopped. For instance, if the car is stopped at a traffic light, the engine will temporarily shut down, but it will restart as soon as it is put back into gear. The hybrid is made out of lightweight materials in order for it to run more effectively. It also uses advanced aerodynamics and narrow, stiffer tires. These features reduce the drag from the wind.

The benefits of buying an electric or hybrid car are not just economical. With the deadly effects of pollution on the rise using a green vehicle is becoming the smarter choice. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, which means less air pollution. The use of these cars would mean less worrying about the rising price of oil and the other issues that have been associated with the cost. With mass production of the lithium batteries beginning to take hold, the price of batteries are expected to drop. This will make owning a green vehicle even more cost efficient. The combination of helping the environment and saving money have made these cars increasingly attractive to buyers everywhere.