Best Used Cars for Teenagers

When looking for good used cars for teenagers, there are many important factors to take into consideration. Price is usually the biggest concern among teenagers who either have to buy their own car or rely on their parents to do so. This leads to the search for used cars, which cost less than new cars. Other factors that lead teens to look at used cars include the vehicle’s size, fuel mileage, age, condition, resale value and maintenance costs. Teenagers generally focus on style and performance. Parents tend to be focused on costs, accident rates amongst teens and car safety. Keeping these ideas in mind, there are certain used cars that can be considered as ideal. Good used cars for teenagers can include the Toyota Camry and
Honda Civic.

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Best used cars for teenagers

When parents feel it is time to get their teen a first car there are many aspects to take into consideration. The family budget can be impacted in a great way. The largest financial burden comes from the initial purchase price of the car, but there are many other financial aspects including fuel, maintenance, registration and insurance costs.

Insurance rates are higher among teem drivers because the traffic accident rates are higher than the rates of adult traffic accidents. In America, teens account for only six percent of total drivers, but they account for twelve percent of the total accidents. This shows it is important for parents to teach their teens to be responsible drivers and know the dangers that driving can impose. This is why purchasing a vehicle with many safety features in a good idea. Things like airbags, stability control, antilock brakes and safety restraints can keep drivers, passengers and even pedestrians safe.

The Toyota Camry and Honda Civic are good used cars for teenagers. They top numerous lists in safety, reliability and resale value. These best-selling sedans can achieve 25 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. This good fuel mileage will save any teen or parent a substantial amount of money at the fuel pump. A used Camry is very affordable for a parent. An used 2004 Toyota Camry can be bought for less than $8000, which is a very good price for a high quality used car. The Honda Civic sells for around the same. The Civic has many aftermarket options that can enhance the visual and performance characteristics of the car. This makes it a popular choice among teens.

These cars are consistently two of the best cars for teenagers. The safety features, reliability and low cost ensure teens will be able to drive in style without spending too much.