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The Suzuki brand began in 1909 and expanded for decades as a leading
manufacturer of looms for the silk industry. Although it had experimented
with automobiles before World War II, it had to wait until after the war to
enter the market for personal vehicles. It first manufactured motorized
bicycles. When they removed the bike pedals and made them motorcycles,
their business really took off. Suzuki motorcycles became a standard for
the industry.

Suzuki entered the Japanese car market in 1955. The Suzulight had
rack-and-pinion steering, front-wheel drive and four-wheel independent
suspension. All of these innovations were unique to Suzuki, and it was
thirty years before they became industry standards. A decade later,
Suzuki introduced its motorcycles to the U.S. market. In 1982, it
introduced the first All-Terrain Vehicle, which is now a fixture in
American culture.

In 1988, Suzuki saw success in the U.S. market with its Sidekick SUV and
its Swift compact car. In 2006, in its 21st year in the U.S. market,
Suzuki broke the 100,000 mark in U.S. vehicle sales. Suzuki has continued
its emphasis on economically priced vehicles. At international auto shows
Suzuki engineers have demonstrated several types of hybrid capability.
Suzuki continues to make its mark in the automotive industry:

  • Suzuki has teamed with Matsui from India, GM from the U.S., and, most
    recently, Volkswagon from Germany to create its line of vehicles

  • Engineers created the first motorized sofa to demonstrate how well the
    Kizahi could perform maneuvers
  • Swift compact are sold at a rate of two million annually worldwide
  • All Suzuki cars can achieve highway gas mileage of 29 mpg or higher
  • Suzuki recently unveiled an electric vehicle prototype
  • Just a few years ago, Suzuki introduced its first all-wheel-drive sports
    sedan. The Kizashi and Kizahi Sport have gotten superior reviews and
    ratings. The Grand Vitara is Suzuki’s compact SUV. The Suzuki SX4 sport
    sedan is a small family car that’s just right for a busy urban lifestyle.
    The Sportback turns the car into a versatile hauler. The Equator is the
    Suzuki truck, and the Equator Quad is the largest offering in the Suzuki
    family of vehicles.

    Suzuki’s vehicles generally get good gas mileage. With highs of 33 on the
    highway for its smallest vehicles to lows of 19 in the city for certain
    models of the Vitara, fuel economy is a focus of its brand. The cars and
    the Vitara SUV are designed for urban living, including tight parking
    situations and stop-and-go traffic. For safety, they include as many as
    eight airbags. To entice customers to their brand, Suzuki offers a
    transferable powertrain warranty that lasts seven years or 100,000 miles.

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