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Smarter Than Your Average Car: A Look At The Ultra Urban Automobile
No matter what one thinks, Smart Cars are an interesting and innovative
approach to automobile design. While many look at the cars and think they
look like a wind up toy that can be picked up and carried if a parking
space cannot be found, the thought and design that has gone into the brand
is impressive. Smart cars were the first car intentionally designed with
the congested metropolis motorist in mind.

Debuting in 1997 and stemming from the imagination of Nicholas Hayek, the
creator of the Swatch watch brand, the Smart Car may be the most affordable
of any automobile billed as “eco-friendly“.

5 things you didn’t know about Smart

Aside from their unique design, Smart features a number of qualities and
fun facts that should endear these cars to even the most horsepower focused

  • An average 40mpg on the highway in the Smart Fortwo, making an already
    affordable car even moreso.
  • The Smart name is an acronym of sorts, standing for Swatch Mercedes
  • Automated manual transmission, making for more control over torque and
    acceleration when you need it, and a smooth and carefree ride when you
  • The Smart Car may have the most customizable appearance of any other
    car on the planet. Featuring replaceable plastic panels, the color of the
    car can be changed without painting a thing.
  • The car may not be quite what most Americans have in mind when shopping for
    a new commuter car, but the car is popular. Smart had already sold over
    one million cars before establishing themselves in the United States in
    2008. Part of the appeal is the impressive variety available within the basic
    Smart design.

Popular Models

The most popular cars at this time are the Smart Pure Coupe, made of 85%
recyclable parts, a hardtop roof, and featuring a price tag starting at
under $13,000.

The next most popular car is likely to be the Cabriolet, turning the Coupe
into a convertible with the same features, but an even sportier feel.

Lastly, here in the US, anticipation should be high for the Smart Electric
Drive Micro Car, of which little is actually known at this point in time.
What is clear is the anticipation should be high for this 100% electric
that is expected to feature all the power and amenities of its gas
fueled counterparts.

For those who rely on their car to carry them in style through their daily
commute, be on the look for more and more drivers “going Smart”. The
compact design, great gas mileage and unbeatable price tag should make
Smart a mainstay

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