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Scions were launched nationwide in 2004. This urban-smart line of cars was
created by Toyota and, as hoped, has caught the eye of the younger
generation of U.S. drivers. The Scion aesthetic reflects a big city
lifestyle that wants to stay on the move. Current models include the
hatchback xD, the sports coupe tC, the midsize xB, the speedy FR-S, and the
iQ, an urban four-seater.

5 remarakable things about Scion

  • Scions are recognized for more than their size. They are also
    recognized for their engineering efforts to balance small with safe. Front
    passengers have knee airbags as well as mounted side and front airbags. A
    rear curtain airbag protects the backseat.
  • The Scion business plan has always included a standard pricing system.
    This allows purchasers to trust the ad price and avoid the hassle of
    haggling. All models offer power locks and power windows. Most models also
    offer a 40/60 split back seat that permits reclining or sliding for extra
    space. Scion offers a choice of manual or automatic transmission in most
  • Scion is one of the youngest car makes out there
  • Electronic Traction control to prevent sliding and Electronic Brake
    Distribution combined with anti-lock brakes balance pressure. Moreover,
    Brake Assist detects the need for greater brake force
  • Most Scion vehicles have Smart Stop Technology to reduce engine power
    when braking alone isn’t enough

  • Most popular models

    The Scion xD hatchback is a favorite for its five-person seating in a
    vehicle that can maintain 27 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.
    The Scion tC is a two-door sports coupe that comes equipped with a
    panoramic moonroof and seating for five. The xB offers more room for five
    and additional space for gear in a streamlined package.

    The two-door iQ has a uniquely small build that still manages to seat four.
    The FR-S is the sexy, speedy sports car of the bunch. With 200 horsepower
    and dual valve variable timing, it offers either a standard six-speed
    manual or an enhanced automatic. The six-speed automatic has paddle
    shifters and dynamic rev management,

    Scion models offer entertainment technologies that are generally associated
    with higher end vehicles. These include such must-haves as steering wheel
    audio controls, Bluetooth connectivity, HD radio and USB ports. Several
    offer Pioneer audio systems.

    As the Scion brand faces the future, it is well-positioned to provide
    vehicles to Americans who want to overcome high gas prices as well as deal
    with the busy pace and lack of space in cities nationwide.

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