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Rolls-Royce – Classic style, Classic luxury

Rolls-Royce was founded in 1903 to produce the finest motor cars that England could provide. Focusing on extremely high standards of quality, craftsmanship and design, every Rolls Royce model produced since the early 1900s has defined what it means to be a quality car. Rolls-Royce cars are the vehicles of choice for dignitaries, ambassadors, dictators and businessmen, always displaying the highest level of luxury and four-wheeled beauty. Rolls-Royce is also known for being the developer of the world’s finest aircraft engines, from the Merlin that won WWII to the supersonic power that flew the Concorde and dozens of British fighter jets and bombers.

Rolls-Royce fast facts:

  1. Although an English company, they are currently owned by BMW.
  2. The Aerospace wing, which broke off in the 1970s, continues to be the world’s premiere manufacturer of aircraft engines – and is still 100% British owned.
  3. The Rolls Royce “Flying Lady” hood ornament was modeled on the secret lover of the company’s first styling engineer.
  4. The only Rolls Royce cars sold without a “Flying Lady” hood ornament are the two provided to the Queen of England, which have an ornament of St. George slaying a dragon.
  5. There are more Rolls Royce cars in China than any other country.

Rolls-Royce Famous Models

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the most famous and definitive Rolls Royce cars. The Rolls-Royce Phantom has been in production since 1925 and has served as the company’s flagship model, with new updates once every decade or so. Built in small quantities and shipped only to exclusive customers, the Rolls-Royce Phantom has been an icon as well as the high point of luxury for almost a century. Designed to be as comfortable as a lounge, the Phantom is smooth with an incredibly plush interior unlike any found in other cars. Intended for sale to the wealthy and powerful, every Phantom is renowned for the reliability and power of the engine, enabling the vehicle to outrun terrorists, criminals or would-be assassins. The car can also be easily bulletproofed, with each model being manufactured with extra space in the body panels and extra power in the engine to permit the addition of bulletproof plates.

Rolls Royce offers a very limited selection of cars, and generally requires both a financial and criminal background check to ensure the cars do not go to the “wrong” people. Rolls Royce cars are renowned for the quality of their construction, and each one is meticulously examined, evaluated and tested before being released from the factory. Although they do require standard routine maintenance, they are known to be able to withstand more abuse and neglect than any other luxury car and still perform properly. This is a key point for the company, as it does not want one of its exclusive customers to end up stranded.

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