Ram: 30 years of trucks

Dodge is known for their exceptional trucks. From their first truck in the 1920s, Dodge has focused on making tough vehicles that are ideal for farmers, construction workers and hunters. Emphasizing strength and hauling capacity over comfort or top speed, they are known for being the best truck for small businesses and serious off road drivers. Capitalizing on their popularity among ranchers, cowboys and outdoor workers, the Dodge Ram is marketed and sold as a serious work machine, intended for serious workers.

This has presented some problems in recent years, however. While excellent vehicles, they are not fuel efficient or cheap, and sales have suffered badly in light of the current economic recession. This has caused a drop in the sale of trucks such as the Durango, which is ideal for ranching, but much more expensive than other vehicles. The long term durability and firm “attach rate” has also hurt sales, since owners tend to replace their vehicles only once every ten years or so – if then. Therefore, Dodge has resolved to turn 2013 into a new year for their vehicles.

Five Remarkable Facts about Ram

  • Dodge makes the largest general consumer pickup in the world, by weight.
  • Ram was originally a Dodge company, part of Chrysler, before being spun off into its own brand.
  • The ram used as the logo on Dodge trucks was originally the symbol for the Dodge company as a whole.
  • The Dodge Ram was the first full-sized pickup to be offered as a plug-in hybrid.
  • The Nissan Titan is actually a rebadged Dodge Ram.

Popular Ram Models

The Durango is now offered as a powerful diesel-electric hybrid, capable of chewing up the terrain while burning no gas at all on short commutes. The Durango has also been re-engineered to be more comfortable on the inside, enabling passengers to travel in more comfort. However, they are still very rugged, with an interior designed to resist bumps, scrapes mud and wear. This is exemplified by the Lone Star, Big Horn and Laramie models, which are powerful off road vehicles built on the 1500 base platform that are nonetheless plush and comfortable.

This does not mean that the 2013 vehicles offered by Dodge will be “weak” or geared towards light use. Dodge is focusing on how their 2013 line will focus on power and performance, intending to enable them to replace much larger or more expensive vehicles while still remaining classic off-road vehicles. This includes both the traditional Ram trucks as well as the 1500 series. Improved ground clearance and handling enables them to be more easily driven by inexperienced drivers, and superior traction and stability control will prevent accidents. The lower fuel consumption will also, in addition to being environmentally friendly, ensure that lower overall operating costs make these vehicles ideal for commercial fleets and small business owners in light of rising fuel prices. Indeed, it appears that Dodge will be making the truck of the future, meeting needs which were previously unknown or unnecessary.

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