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Lincoln is a brand of cars made by the Ford Motor Company. Lincoln is known as a maker of luxury vehicles, the company has made high-quality automobiles since 1921. In 1915, Henry Leland, one of the original founders of Cadillac founded the Lincoln Motor Company. He named it after former
President Abraham Lincoln, who was one of his personal heroes. The Lincoln
Motor Company actually got its start building Liberty aircraft engines for
World War One airplanes.

After the war, Lincoln’s factories were refitted to produce luxury
automobiles. Since 1922, Lincoln Motor Company became strictly an
automobile manufacturer. In 1922, Lincoln was purchased by the Ford Motor
Company. While owned by Ford, Lincoln operated as a separate company until
around 1940, when it became the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company.
Lincoln currently produces five lines of cars, the Navigator, MKS, MKT, MKX
and MKZ models.

5 remarkable thing about Lincoln

  • Lincoln has a history of providing cars for U.S. Presidents. Starting
    in 1939 with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lincoln has provided the
    White House with official limousines for years. President Roosevelt often
    went on parade routes in a 1939 Lincoln V12 convertible nicknamed the
    “Sunshine Special.” After the Pearl Harbor attacks, the “Sunshine Special”
    was equipped with bullet-proof glass that was at least an inch thick,
    bullet-proof tires, bullet-proof plating for doors, and special interior
    compartments for guns. Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F.
    Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson were driven around in a 1950 Lincoln
    Cosmopolitan nicknamed the “Bubble Top.” This car was retired in 1965.

  • The most famous Lincoln presidential limousine is the one President
    Kennedy was assassinated in, the “Bubble Top.” It was called that because
    it had a plexiglass “bubble” over the passenger compartment, used for
    parades in inclement weather. However, it was very uncomfortable for the
    passengers to be under the “bubble” in bright sunshine, so the plexiglass
    was often removed for parades. Kennedy was shot in Dallas while riding in
    the custom-built “Bubble Top” which was a 1961 Lincoln Continental also
    known as the SS-100-X. After Kennedy was killed, President Johnson turned
    the car over to the Secret Service, who outfitted the vehicle with armor
    plating, a permanent roof, state-of-the-art electronic communications
    equipment and bulletproof glass. This car was used until 1977 and is now on
    display at the Henry Ford Museum.

  • Lincolns are sold at over 1,500 dealerships in several different
    nations, such as South Korea, Guam, Canada and Mexico.

  • At one point, Lincoln made concept cars for auto racing, including
    several Le Mans Prototypes.

  • Some of Lincoln’s biggest customers are rental companies and limousine
    companies such as Carey Limousine and Hertz Rent a Car.

Lincoln Famous Models

The most popular Lincoln cars sold today are the Lincoln Navigator and Lincoln MKZ. The Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV that is one of the best-selling SUVs in North America. The MKZ, formerly known as the LS, is an entry-level luxury sedan that is offered as a hybrid as well. In addition, Lincoln offers another luxury sedan, the MKS. Lincoln also makes two luxury crossover vehicles, the MKX and MKT.

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