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Although not the most popular name in the automotive industry, Honda has been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles since back in 1959. It is also the largest producer of internal combustion engines, putting out more than 14 million engines per year.

In 1986, the manufacturer of Hondas put out the very first Japanese luxury brand of cars, Acura. the Acura was added to the American market, and put the company on the map as a contender in the American car industry. Before that, the manufacturer was part of the war effort, making military aircraft propellers. The company did not actually make their first whole motorcycle, frame and all, until 1949. That motorcycle was the Model D, which soon became known as the first Dream. They decided to create the first of many Honda cars in 1963, which was a mini pickup truck, the T360. Later in that same year, the manufacturer built their first production car, the S500 sports car, which used chain driven rear wheels that were clearly inspired by their years of building motorcycles. In 2001, Honda cars became the second largest Japanese automobile manufacturer, only behind Toyota. A few years later, in 2008, they became the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the United States, and in 2010 the manufacturer was the seventh largest in the whole world.

Hondas are still large in the automobile market, and due to their well known low gas mileage cars, they have been one of the few manufacturers to see a sales increase in the last few years.

5 remarkable facts about Honda

Here are five facts about Honda cars you may not know:

1.  Their robot, the Asimo, is the first human shaped robot that can go up and down stairs on its own.

2.  The Honda Yamashita plant was destroyed in 1944 by a United States bomber during the war.

3.  Aside from cars and motorcycles, they also produce garden equipment, engines for water sports, personal watercrafts, and are involved in artificial intelligence and robotics research.

4.  Another plant that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1945 was sold to Toyota, and the money was used to found the Honda Technical Research Institute.

5.  More than 80% of Honda and Acura cars that are sold in the United States are also built in North America.

Many Honda models to choose from

The Ridgeline, which was Hondas first step in the large truck market, is still in their vehicle lineup today. Today’s Ridgeline has an advanced 4-wheel independent suspension that gives passengers a smooth ride.

In keeping with their lineup of fuel efficient automobiles, the Civic Hybrid promises not to empty your wallet when it comes time to fill up the tank. The Civic Hybrid also comes with safety features like Vehicle Stability Assist, which lets the car know when a driver is over or under steering.

For larger families, the Odyssey is at the top of the minivan market. It comes with a strong V6 engine, but promises drivers 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

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