Fisker Automotive: Environmentally Friendly Speed

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When most people think of an electric or hybrid car, they think of something small, slow and lacking in style. Fisker Cars refuses to believe that environmentally friendly cars need to be boring and ugly, however, and in 2009 they released the “Fisker Karma” to prove as much. The first true hybrid sports car, the Fisker Karma reaches a modest 125 mph, but does so with a 52 mile per gallon fuel range. It has a high powered battery enables the car to burn no fuel at all on short trips at low speed, making it an excellent city car despite its high speed performance.

Fisker Cars was founded in 2007 in southern California in an effort to enable America to compete in and dominate various “Green Car” challenges. Its founder, Henrik Fisker, has worked in the automotive industry for decades and is most famous for styling cars for Aston Martin, BMW and Artega. An environmentalist and nature lover at heart, Henrik was concerned that hybrid cars would not be widely adopted in the USA and Europe because they were simply not as “fun” as their sporty counterparts. Therefore, he partnered with Quantum Technologies to design and produce the Karma. The first Fisker Electric Car is a hybrid, and they are expected not to make a fuel-free Fisker electric car in the near future.

5 remarkable things about Fisker Auto:

  1. Fisker Cars the only car company in the world to outsource all construction and assembly of its vehicles, and it owns no factories.
  2. Currently, all Fisker Auto cars are assembled in Finland.
  3. Due to careful production source management, a Fisker Karma produces less emissions over its lifetime than any other hybrid.
  4. Every Fisker vehicle has fossils, amber and other natural components integrated into the interior, and no two interiors are alike.
  5. Fisker Auto currently has no plans for a Fisker electric car, but they have stated they will make one for racing purposes if electric racing leagues open in the US.

Fisker Car Models

The Fisker Karma is essentially a heavily modified Aston Martin, borrowing heavily from Henrik’s earlier designs. With an enormous 200 hp electric motor, it can get from 0-60 in about six seconds, making it quicker than any other hybrid, and indeed most cars available on the market today. Its interior is tiny, earning it a “subcompact” rating from the EPA. However, it is also very lush, with leather seats, vintage wooden paneling and soft carpets. As much of the vehicle is also made of recycled materials as possible. The aluminum engine block and body is made from recycled aircraft, and the interior plastics are all built from recycled soda bottles. Even the glass in the windshield is made of melted-down office windows! Other models by Fisker include the Surf, Sunset and Atlantic.

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