Ferrari: The Definitive Italian Automaker

Ferrari Logo

Since its founding in pre-war Italy, Ferrari has been renowned as the definitive Italian auto maker. Even persons who have never ridden in or seen a Ferrari associate the name with unparalleled speed, power and handling. The latest Ferrari model never fails to sell, and even less popular models retain their value and luster for generations. The company also dominates in the F1 series, and Ferrari F1 cars dominate yearly in races across the world.

The company as we know it today was founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari in order to fund Enzo’s racing team (Scuderia Ferrari). Enzo was initially hesitant to do so, fearing it would detract his engineers from producing truly fine racing vehicles, but he relented in light of excellent sales. This permitted the Ferrari F1 team to have plenty of money to build and test Ferrari F1 vehicles, leading to their early dominance in motorsport throughout the 1950s and 60s. Ferrari F1 continues to dominate to this day, and the Scuderia has won more F1 championships than any other auto manufacturer. It also has a higher win percentage than any other manufacturer, showing that they are capable of withstanding competition from younger companies.

5 remarkable things about Ferrari:

  1. Consistently produces the fastest supercars in the world.
  2. The only sportscar manufacturer with an active F1 racing stable.
  3. Universal and worldwide brand name recognition.
  4. One of only three companies in the world producing a V12 engine.
  5. Has won more F1 races than any other company in the world.

Ferrari Famous Models

In order to fund this impressive racing stable, the company has produced a number of famous road-going cars, many of which starred in film and television. The first to do so was the Daytona, officially known as the Ferrari model 365. Beginning with the film “Gumball Rally,” the Daytona went on to star in Miami Vice, Gone in 60 Seconds and The Swiss Conspiracy. Capitalizing on this popularity, Ferrari models intended to show off wealth, power and speed continued to be developed into the 1980s, culminating in the F40. The F40 was the definitive speedster of the 80s and early 90s, and for many years it was the only street-legal car capable of breaking the 200 mph barrier. It was also the last sports car produced by the company to not use modern electronics, two wheel drive, traditional (i.e. not anti-lock) brakes and no traction control.

In more recent years, Ferrari models of the F-series have continued to be exceptionally fast and powerful. The Ferrari F430, sold from 2004 until 2009, could not break the 200 mph barrier, but was quicker and more responsive thanks to advanced modern handling, brakes and traction control. Although replaced by the 458 Italia in 2010, the Ferrari F430 continues to be popular among its owners and racing fans. The Ferrari F430 continues to compete (and dominate) in road and track races for its model class thanks to its excellent engineering. This is why its fans sing its praises, and eagerly pick up the 458 Italia for racing or cruising.

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