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Ever since 1925, when the Maxwell Motor Company became the Chrysler Corporation, the company has been at the front of everyone’s mind when thinking of American cars. The very first Chrysler vehicles were well made.

They built six cylinder automobiles that were made specifically to be less expensive than other cars with the same qualities. These early versions of the cars had some of the biggest innovations in vehicle technologies, like practical, mass-produced four-wheel hydraulic brakes, rubber engine mounts to reduce vibration, and more. By 1936 this American car company had become the second most popular, and would remain in that spot until 1949. 1928 was a huge year for the company.

Chrysler split their lower, medium, and higher priced cars, and put the lower end models under the Plymouth name, and the mid range vehicles under the DeSoto name. That year they also bought the Dodge Brothers Automobile and Truck company, which is a brand they still push heavily today. In 1955, the manufacturers decided to give their top of the line cars their own brand, and the Imperial was pushed out to compete with Lincoln and Cadillac. In 1987, Chrysler vehicles got another big addition, when the company purchased the Jeep brand, and became the leader in 4×4 and off road vehicles as well.

5 remarkable facts about Chrysler

Today, the company continues to push forward with several of the most popular car and truck brand names under its belt. Here are a few things you may not know about Chrysler:

1.  In 2009, RAM stopped being a Dodge model, and became its own brand of trucks and light commercial vehicles.

2.  As of July 2012, Fiat actually owns over 60% of the reformed Chrysler-Group LLC.

3.  It is now the smallest of the “Big 3” American car manufacturers.

4.  The Airflow, made in 1934, was the world’s first “streamlined” car.

5.  Chrysler vehicles have been “bailed out” twice by the government, once in the 70s, and again in 2009.

Many popular Chrysler models

The 200 is one of the cars still running under the company’s name. The 4 door, Limited version is high on safety and comfort, with a built in safety cage, and a spacious back seat with plenty of room for three passengers. The 200 is said to have a 4 cylinder engine, that doesn’t feel like a 4 cylinder engine.

The Town and Country is at the forefront of the minivan revolution. For years now, these vehicles have been made with families in mind, making sure to have equal parts safety, comfort, and elegance in every model. Today’s Town and Country has great options like Stow and Go seating and 42 safety and security features.

The 300 is the more luxurious in the new Chrysler vehicles lineup, and can even come with the ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System, which can help just about anyone to park with safety and ease. It also has a 292 horse power V6 engine and an eight speed, automatic transmission.

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