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It has now been over 100 years since the first models of Chevrolet vehicles hit the scene. The year was 1911 when Belgian race car driver Louis Chevrolet teamed up with an entrepreneur named William Durant and created the Classic Six. The Ford Model T dominated the young car industry back then and the first Chevrolet did not turn a profit unfortunately. Not giving up, Durant soon formed General Motors and in 1917 brought Chevy into the GM family. It only took ten years from that point for Chevrolet cars to take over the number one sales spot in the United States.

The 1920s saw Chevrolet introduce the first six-cylinder engine and at this point many models of Chevrolet cars and trucks were on the market. 1953 brought the birth of an American icon called the Corvette which is still going strong today. The 60s gave us the Impala, Corvair, Camaro and Nova proving that the Chevrolet hits were going to keep coming. Monte Carlo came along in the 70s along with the Vega and Chevette. Chevrolet actually hit a point in the 90s when they were selling more trucks than cars.

In current times, Chevrolet and GM are always leading the field in testing and developing new concepts and safety features. We have all come a long way since Louis and his Classic Six started things going. Some of the remarkable advances in the industry being made by Chevy and GM are amazing.

5 remarkable things about Chevrolet

1.  Vehicles that practically drive themselves are not that far off. Adaptive cruise control, automatic parallel parking and side blind area warning systems are the building blocks of this technology.

2.  The Chevrolet EN-V or Electric Networked-Vehicle is a technology on the cutting edge in safety and autonomous driving. We are maybe a decade away from our cars driving us instead of the other way around.

3.  EV or fully electric vehicles are on the way and the Chevrolet Spark will forge the path.

4.  Hydrogen fuel cell power is another technology Chevrolet is developing and will run vehicles without a drop of gasoline.

5.  Staying connected with the outside world is important and Chevy leads the way in communication. RemoteLink connects your cell phone with OnStar and you can remotely unlock doors or start your engine. MyLink can connect your car to your Bluetooth device.

Great selection of popular Chevrolet models

With so many amazing Chevrolet cars over the last 100 years, what are the most popular models today? With everyone being gas conscious, Chevrolet has economical options including the Cruze, Volt and Spark. You can also drive a large vehicle while staying green by purchasing the Tahoe Hybrid. The Chevrolet Malibu and Impala are still two of America’s favorite vehicles on the road today.

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