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Buick cars are most widely known as a brand under the General Motors umbrella of vehicles, however the Buick Motor Company is actually the oldest auto maker still active in the United States. Buick is also one of the oldest brands in the world and has a long history of manufacturing exciting and dependable Buick vehicles. Begun in 1899 as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company,by 1903 the name was changed to the Buick Motor Company.

In the first few years, Buick would become the innovator for a number of automotive designs including the valve-in-head technology, the closed body design, and the interior seat design which garnered the company the nickname the “moving couch of America”.

For a time, Buick would be one of the largest car makers in the United States, second only to Cadillac. By the 1930s, Buick had become so popular that it was the preferred vehicle for the British Royal Family. The General Motors Corporation (GMC) actually began from the success of the Buick with the General Manager of Buick starting GMC with the earnings he acquired from Buicks successes. In 1929, Buick would become the first of a long line of brands under the General Motors umbrella.

5 Things you didn’t know about Buick

There are a number of things that made Buick unique in the automotive world, including:

  1. Buick was the first automotive manufacturer to introduce turn signals intheir vehicles.
  2. Buick produced the first closed body vehicle four years before Ford.
  3. Albert Einstein’s brain was transported in the trunk of a Buick Skylark across country in the 1990’s.
  4. A hybrid Buick Skylark was introduced for a short time in 1972.
  5. Charles Howard, who owned racehorse Seabiscuit, sold Buicks.

Popular Buick Models

Buick has had a number of successful models that were very popular with the automotive consumer. A few of the most successful Buick vehicles included:

1) Buick Skylark, a very sporty looking vehicle that was originally introduced in the early 1950’s as the Roadmaster Skylark and was then brought back in the early 60’s as the Skylark,

2) the Buick Riviera, another design of the early 60’s that gained popularity among racing enthusiasts,

3)the Buick Regal, one of Buicks most popular and longest lasting design models,

4)the Buick Park Avenue, an upscale vehicle that combines Buicks great performance with its attention to luxury detail, and

5 )the Buick Roadmaster, one of the original family cars from the 30’s to the 50’s, the Roadmaster was the flagship vehicle of Buick.

Today Buick continues to put out quality, dependable vehicles and has entered the SUV market with the Buick Enclave as well as producing an exciting new luxury vehicle in the Buick Verano. It looks like the oldest auto maker in the United States is set to continue for a long time.

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