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Aston Martin: British Power, British Performance

Aston Martin was founded in the early 20th century with an eye towards
speed. Founded by British racing enthusiasts and engineers, its pre-war
cars were bumpy and uncomfortable – but also unbeatable in the Grand
Touring races where they competed. Continued development throughout the 20s
and 30s ensured that their cars were among the fastest in Europe, with the
largest engines available. However, it was in the post-war years,
especially the 1950s and 60s, that Aston martin was truly able to shine.

Aston truly became a marque to be reckoned with in the 1960s, when they
began to produce six-cylinder British roadsters. While not as famous or
popular as the Jaguar E-Type, they were nonetheless powerful, well built,
and a little bit faster. The company tumbled in the 1970s only to resurrect
in the 1980s, where their re-emergence ultimately led to a buyout by Ford.
The company changed hands again, this time to independent owners, in 2007.

Five Remarkable Things about Aston Martin

  • Jeremy Clarkson, of Top Gear, has been one of Aston’s biggest supporters,
    yet he drives a Mercedes.
  • To demonstrate the durability and reliability of the new V8 in 2007,
    company representatives drove across the Pan-Asian Highway, beginning in
    Tokyo and driving all the way to Istanbul – without a single breakdown!
  • he country with the most Aston Martin cars is China.
  • Aston has entered and left the motorsports world several times, but
    competes only in Grand Touring races.
  • These cars are produced in “rented” factories owned by Mercedes-Benz.

  • Aston Martin Car Models

    The most famous car Aston currently produces is the Aston Martin DB9.
    Launched in 2004 as a Grand Touring sports car, it has a 469 hp engine out
    of the gate, enabling the Aston Martin DB9 to plow past most other Grand
    Touring cars. The DB9 also comes in several heavily tuned versionslike the DBS. With tight suspensions and powerful engines,
    these highly tuned monsters have set new record times on the Nurburgring,
    demonstrating their handling as well as their top speed.

    The company’s other main car is the Aston Martin Vanquish. While heavier
    than the DB9, the Vanquish is very powerful and
    carefully tuned for maximum speed. It is more comfortable than the DB9, and
    uses a “semi-automatic” sequential gearbox. The current 2012 re-make of the
    Vanquish will feature a traditional manual gearbox as an option, but it
    will also feature significantly more power. An effort has been made to give
    it more speed and a better handling than the DB9. This is done in a way that it will
    be a comfortable and practical daily car, while still being able to
    outperform anything it would normally encounter.

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