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Acura History

Acura, Honda Motor’s Luxury Car division, has been engineering top
performance cars to compete with other cars in its league since 1980. Prior
to the opening of any Acura dealership, Honda motors spent a decade
researching engineering and design strategies, and their first models
competed with the likes of BMW. With the unveiling of Acura, Honda became
the first Japanese company to release a luxury car. The Acura project later
inspired other companies to introduce their own luxury vehicles, such as
Nissan’s Infiniti and Toyota’s Lexus.

Throughout the years, Acura’s sales have fluctuated, and the economic
downturns have affected the company, leading them to discontinue 9 of their
less popular and less efficient models. However, Acura has a loyal fan
base, due to Acura’s careful attention to quality, safety, and customer

5 remarkable things about Acura

  1. Marvel Entertainment has a unique partnership with Acura—Acura cars are the official car of the S.H.I.E.L.D. espionage, a fictional organization led by superheroes to protect civilians against superhuman threats.

  2. In the film Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. drove a wild sports car designed by Acura just for the film.

  3. Acura has its own Mobility Program that ensures disabled drivers are safe and well catered to in their vehicles. This program offers cash reimbursement towards the cost of adaptive equipment for disabled drivers.

  4. Acura cars have won several awards, including safety awards and two of Motor Trend’s most prestigious—in 1991, the Acura Legend Coupe won the Imported Car of the Year trophy. Ten years later, in 2001, the Acura MDX won Motor Trend’s Sport/Utility Vehicle of the Year award.

  5. Acura cares! Acura has its own Environmental Leadership Award, which is awarded to dealers who sell Acura vehicles in an earth conscious environment. This means that dealers who reduce their energy and water usage, make conservation efforts, and facilities who earn a Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the Green Building Council are eligible for this award.

Acura Famous Models

In 1985, the Acura Legend showed up on the market and sold like hot cakes,
boosting Acura’s popularity significantly in its first year.
In 1999, the Acura 3.2 TL was unveiled as a start to Acura’s redesigning
revolution. The TL saw updates and redesigning in 2006, but like its first
counterpart, was still considered to be well rounded in sport and luxury,
making it a consumer favorite.

Unveiled in late 2000, the Acura MDX was the world’s first luxury crossover
SUV to feature third row seating. This, once again, inspired other car
companies to follow in Acura’s footsteps and add a third seat to their own

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