Electric Car: What’s On The Market Now?

About Electric/Hybrid Cars

The idea of an electric car has in fact existed ever since the early 20th century. Electric motors capable of moving a car have existed since the late 1890s, however the battery technology necessary to propel them has not existed until very recently. Traditional lead-acid batteries are very large and very heavy, keeping electric vehicles off the market for most of the 20th century. It was not until the development of the modern lithium ion polymer battery that electric vehicles for sale became common and practical.

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The concept of an electric car is simple. Rather than burning gasoline to produce movement in an internal combustion engine, electricity is applied directly to an electric motor. Diesel-electric hybrids which rely on a large electric motor have existed since the 1930s in the form of harbor boats and trains, because electric motors provide more torque than their fossil-fuel burning counterparts. Electric vehicles are more efficient at converting stored energy into movement, and so an auto electric car seems like a logical step. The problem is that batteries, until very recently, could not store enough energy to make an electric car capable of traveling more than about forty miles at a time.

The lithium ion battery, originally developed for pacemakers and subsequently mobile phones, is ideal for auto electric machines because it can store so much energy. Your cell phone is a great example of how powerful this design is, because your phone can run for many hours despite its small size and small battery. The battery in an electric car is basically just a very large version of what you have in your phone, weighing up to as much as a ton, and making up the vast majority of the car’s weight. Though expensive, it is this battery which has enabled electric cars for sale to appear at most dealerships.

But what electric cars for sale can you get right now? Most electric vehicles for sale are only available in Japan and Europe, where inner city congestion and pollution, as well as short commuting distances, makes electric vehicles much more practical. In America, the only widely available electric vehicle for sale is the Nissan Leaf. With a range of about eighty to a hundred miles and a top speed of sixty five, it is most useful for those who have short commutes and can leave the car plugged in at home most of the time.

Over time, more practical electric vehicles for sale will appear. A more sporty electric car for sale, the Tesla Roadster, has already proven successful on the open market. Capable of traveling at over 125 miles per hour and based on the Lotus Elise, the Tesla Roadster was the fastest auto electric car ever to enter production.

Electric Vehicles Currently Available in the USA:

  1. Nissan Leaf
  2. Tesla Roadster
  3. Subaru Stella (via import)
  4. Smart ED (through company beta testing program)
  5. Mitsubishi i MiEV (via import)