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As far as iconic cars go, it is hard to find a brand name with as much high valued recognition as Jeep. They are known to be tough, rugged, and reliable all over the world. Since their beginning the manufacturers of these vehicles have been at the forefront of off road and 4×4 technology.

Jeep was first created in 1941, and used heavily by the military to get allied soldiers around battle fields and barracks. Because of this, they are as trusted and iconic in the United States as any car company could ever hope for. With the rise of the recreational vehicle in the 1950s, Jeep cars held their new spot in American’s hearts by giving every person the chance to drive off road and test their own adventurous spirits with the Jamboree. The manufacturers pressed on with new technologies available in the 60s, and created the Wagoneer, one of the first cars out there that promised to give families a chance out on the dirt roads and mountain trails. Jeep cars took 4×4 to a whole new level in the 70s when they launched the 2 door Cherokee, took several awards, and got their highest sales records to date. The 80s and 90s were also full of firsts for this 4×4 manufacturer. Four door compact SUVs and the Grand Cherokee broke onto the scene and created a whole new market for American homes. With the beginning of the new millennium the manufacturer opened the market to soccer moms with the Patriot, and gave the world the very first 4 door Wrangler.

5 things to know about Jeep

Today, Jeep continues to create their own landscape in the auto industry. Here are five things people may not know about the company:

  1. Although they have made pickup trucks in the past, they now only have SUVs and Off road vehicles in their lineup.
  2. The name may have come from the military calling them GP, or Government Purposes, vehicles.
  3. Jeep cars were made by Ford during WWII.
  4. Land Rover, Humvee, and some other companies are said to have been made to copy what they had already done.
  5. Has been owned by Chrysler since 1987.

Jeep Models to choose from

The Grand Cherokee still holds a huge share of the family SUV market, delivering ruggedness and comfort in a very good looking package. The Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV of all time, winning awards like A Consumers Digest® Best Buy, Four Wheeler of the Year, Truck of the Year from The Detroit News, and many more.

The Wrangler is the closest thing that is still offered to their original 4×4. It continues to be a favorite of consumers, as the Wrangler follows the technology and becomes safer and stronger and sleeker. Some recent awards for the Wrangler include 2012 SEMA Show: Hottest 4×4 – SUV, Best 4×4 Vehicle of the Decade by Four Wheeler Magazine, and Ward’s Top 10 Engine only to name a few.

For family friendliness and a top safety rating, the Liberty is still at the top of the market. The Liberty gives the whole family peace of mind by giving riders multi stage front and side curtain airbags. The Liberty also comes with electronic roll mitigation, electronic stability control, and brake assist.

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