Cadillac is known across the world for its luxury and rich cultural influence. The brand introduced countless innovations to the automobile industry that include full electrical systems, clash-less manual transmissions and steel roofs. Cadillac automobiles have made countless appearances in American films, literature, music and magazines. Throughout its over 100-year history, the brand has survived economic crises, world wars and huge shifts in the automobile market.

Cadillac was born in the early part of the 20th century from a remaining factory in the dissolved Henry Ford Company. The first cars produced by Cadillac were nearly identical to Ford’s Model A, but the brand quickly became famous for using precision manufacturing, meaning a much more reliable car. General Motors purchased Cadillac in 1909, and the brand has been part of the company ever since. While the brand faced reduced sales during the Great Depression, the post-war era brought explosive success in terms of sales and legacy. Cadillac helped shape what is now known as the classic American car look with the introduction of wraparound windshields, tail-fins and polished interiors and exteriors.

5 remarkable things about Cadillac

  • Cadillac introduced the first all-steel roof known as the ‘turret top.’ Before this point, fabric-covered wood was used as the roof for most vehicles.
  • During World War I, the United States Army used over 2,000 Cadillac Type 55 Touring Models for use by officers in France. They were picked for their dependability after exhaustive testing on the Mexican border.
  • Rather than focus on retro design elements like many modern brands, Cadillac has decided to adopt a design philosophy called “art and science” for the 21st century. This design philosophy focuses on sharp and crisp edges with sheer forms.
  • An art exhibit in Amarillo, Texas known as Cadillac Ranch uses older running Cadillacs as sculpture. A tribute to the exhibit was shown in the Pixar film Cars.
  • While Cadillac does not have a huge presence in the motor racing world, the CTS-V has seen success during recent years in the SCCA World Challenge.

Cadillac Famous Models

One of the most popular current models made by Cadillac is the SRX, which is a luxury SUV that introduces in-vehicle technology and design that allows users to experience integration with the most popular mobile devices. The Cadillac CTS coupe was America’s best-selling mid-size luxury coupe for 2011. The car features an efficient 3.6L engine rated at 318 horsepower for peak performance and drive-ability. Known as icons in the luxury SUV market, Cadillac Escalades feature 6.2L V8 engines for top-of-the-line performance coupled with design features that match the best luxury cars on the market.

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